Caycedien Sophrology is the authentic form of sophrology as created and developed by its founder professor Alphonso Caycedo, medical doctor and psychiatrist.

Caycedien Sophrology is a method of body/mind training which helps to develop serenity and well-being through a process of getting in touch with yourself by creating greater inner awareness in day to day living.

This leads to self-confidence and development of a sense of your own identity. What happens is a letting-go of the past, a future seen with its potential activated and a present lived more fully.

Regular practice re-establishes balance and harmony by giving positivity its rightful place. Without, however, ignoring what upsets you, Caycedien Sophrology awakens your dormant potential and aims to be a transforming process. Its different techniques allow you to discover, integrate and master your own capacities.

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For whom

Puce.png Youngsters will discover simple and playful means to learn to:
– to concentrate and sustain their attention;
– get refreshing sleep;
– handle their fears and angers;
– become more confident in themselves…

Puce.png Teenagers will be able to:
– handle stress while preparing and writing exams;
– enhance their physical, emotional and mental capacities;
– express themselves with less fear of the judgment of others;
– establish confidence and autonomy

Puce.png Sportsmen and women will:
– enhance their physical and technical training, harmonize body and mind to develop their full potential;
– master their emotions and reinforce their motivation and perseverance;
– learn to keep on course and even go beyond their objectives;
– regain all their capacities and motivation after injuries

Puce.png Adults will be able to:
– develop their ability to adapt to life changing events, whether professionally (change of occupation, redundancy, incapacity, retirement …) or personally (a breakdown of family stability, separations, grief…)
– integrate their emotions and stress by learning to act in a balanced and serene way in order to pursue their real needs;
– get to know themselves better and build up a more peaceful, positive and creative awareness

Puce.png Elderly people will be able to:
– stimulate their energy level to optimum;
– improve their memory;
– realine their body to help balance;
– learn to handle their problems of isolation and loneliness

Puce.png People with disabilities or with a physical decline of any kind will be supported and accompanied. However, this is not a substitute for any medical treatment. Caycedien Sophrology can be experienced in a very beneficial way in collaboration with a medical doctors and be complementary to therapeutic treatment.


Work will include body image, breathing, relaxation and listening to the body. You will be concentering on yourself without any interpretation or judgment.

Concentration will increase together with a more positive outlook as the sessions progress.
Regular personal practice between sessions will further integration of the techniques and its benefits.
Taking notes after practicing the techniques will help increase your awareness.

Puce.png Caycedien Sophrology in individual sessions is suitable for people wanting a more personalized approach.
Over and above relaxation and well-being, the different techniques will lead you to a better mastering of your life, widening the field to all possibilities.

Puce.png Caycedien Sophrology group sessions : weekly, quarterly or yearly.
They address people wishing to be in a sharing group or wanting to overcome any apprehension about their public image.
They are mainly based on the first four degrees of the Caycedien Dynamic Relaxation which includes concentration, imagination and contemplative exercises.
Regular attendance to sessions is important.

Practical details

Individual sessions for Caycedien Sophrology:
Puce.png First session: 1h30
Following sessions: 1h
Puce.png Fees for adults: 55 Euros
Fees for children and adolescents: 40 Euros

Sophrology group sessions:
One introductory session in September free.
One weekly session, group of 6 person maximum.
Puce.png Fees: 140 Euros a quarter.