I welcome you who wish to :

– be accompanied and supported while working through the core of your problems and sufferings;
– gain means for exploring and acting when faced with an immediate or recurrent problem;
– find an opening when faced with a feeling of helplessness or discouragement.

I propose a quality of listening that enables you to observe your behaviour, to accept what is revealed and to take into account your limits.

My approach is based on the “Ecoute Ton Corps” methods such as :
– our five psychological wounds;
– key question exercises (unconscious beliefs, illnesses, dreams…);
– « inner child » technique, internal dialogue;
– energetic liberation
– conscious regression

The means offered open up the following possibilities:
– dealing with who you are and not who you wish you were;
– developing the ability to take responsibility for yourself and to become as fulfilled as possible.
– learning to identify, handle and express emotions and needs in full respect of yourself and others.
– finding ways to satisfy your essential needs so as to build up a meaningful life.
– relearning the quality of a true relationship through expressing what you live and feel.

This approach takes into account your physical, emotional and mental state and will lead to harmonizing your being for greater freedom and inner peace.