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I welcome you who wish to : – be accompanied and supported while working through the core of your problems and sufferings; – gain means for exploring and acting when faced with an immediate or recurrent problem; – find an opening when faced with a feeling of helplessness or discouragement. I propose a quality of listening that enables you to observe … Lire la suite Counselling


Caycedien Sophrology is the authentic form of sophrology as created and developed by its founder professor Alphonso Caycedo, medical doctor and psychiatrist. Caycedien Sophrology is a method of body/mind training which helps to develop serenity and well-being through a process of getting in touch with yourself by creating greater inner awareness in day to day … Lire la suite Sophrology


The proposed approach is one that takes into account the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of the person so that through a better knowledge of his or her individuality, he or she can develop professional motivation and dynamism. At the same time, as relationships are improved, the company becomes more efficient. Group sessions are organized according … Lire la suite Businesses


The workshops can be followed « a la carte » or as an ongoing process. During those sessions we get to understand ourselves better and become more aware and perceptive of those around us. The workshops combine both theory and practical work. By working on our chosen subject, we become aware of how we arrive at particular decisions which in … Lire la suite Workshops